Mikael Kolehmainen

Mikael Kolehmainen

CEO & Co-founder – Operations

Hi,  I’m Mikael or Mixu (in Finland) and Michael or Mike (elsewhere… In some TrademarkNow circles I am also known as Captain Concrete. I’m behind the original idea for TrademarkNow and co-founded the company. As a CEO I make sure we have enough funding, everyone has what they need in order to do their jobs and that things generally are moving towards our Big Hairy Audacious Goal on all fronts. So, it’s mainly deep contemplation, planning, negotiating, telcos, CUs, meetings… and quite a bit of travel for me.

TrademarkNow is really a group of rockstars who believe passionately in what we are doing. We are very lucky with our in-house talents and look forward to expanding even more these coming years.

During my free time my wife and daughter keep me reasonably busy, but to satisfy my cultural needs I listen to a ton of audio books, watch way too much Netflix and HBO, go to gigs, and I might even see the occasional play in actual, old school, theaters. For exercise, and only when the mood strikes me right, I might head to the gym or jogging to the lovely beats of, mainly, house music, and I also started salsa lessons a while back. And of course, as one of the social animals that we all are, I also can be tempted to go out with the mates for some pints, great food… or the occasional game of Eclipse.



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