Pyry-Samuli Lahti

Pyry-Samuli Lahti

Sir Codes A Lot – R&D


Hello people of the Internet! My name is Pyry. It means snowfall in Finnish. Yeah, that's right! That's the level of coolness (and puns) I bring to the table! ❄️😎

Besides awesome jokes, I also write software. I was the very first hire at the company, which says something about the level of professionalism and sense of "humor" we have here.

I've had a really technical focus in my work as a software engineer for years – even before I joined TrademarkNow. What this basically means, is that I spend the majority of my time writing code. I've always liked to work in all levels of the software stack. At TrademarkNow this means working with Scala, SQL, document databases, TypeScript and React (to name a few key technologies) on a daily basis.

P.S. I also try to bomb as many company photoshoots as possible:


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